IP CCTV Systems Benefits & Importance..

High performance cost effective IP CCTV systems

IP CCTV systems do not require local recording, they can transmit their images across Local Networks, the Internet and Wide Area Networks to a central location, where they can be recorded, viewed and managed.

IP CCTV systems convert all images to data and have no theoretical limit to resolution, providing the relevant bandwidth to transmit the images. Our IP cameras offer especially high detail precision with Megapixel resolution, at least 3x better quality than standard analogue and HD cameras.

Scalability: IP video surveillance scales from one camera to thousands.

Remote accessibility: Any video stream, live or recorded, can be accessed and controlled from any location in the world over wired or wireless network connections.

Intelligence at camera level: Motion detection, event handling, sensor input, relay output, time and date, and other built-in capabilities, such as local file storage, allow the camera to make intelligent decisions (e.g., when to send alarms, when to send video, what frame rate).

We can design and install the right IP CCTV system to meet all your requirements.

CCTV Maintenance

We provide maintenance and repair services for all types of CCTV systems.

To ensure reliable operation of CCTV systems our maintenance service typically includes:

  • Visual inspection of CCTV components including visible cabling and connections
  • Inspect CCTV control equipment including monitors, DVR, NVR, Power supply etc
  • Check and clean CCTV cameras, lenses and housings
  • Check recording and playback quality

Whether it is a simple basic camera to cover the front of your premises or driveway, right up to full commercial digital systems, we have the right technical experience to complete your project on time and on budget.

Free Site Assessment

You can now also take advantage of a Free Site Assessment, where one of our trained technicians will discuss your needs and provide you with a free, no risk, and no obligation quote for your CCTV system needs and maintenance service.

CCTV systems are important to your business

CCTV Systems

We at KYROS IT SOLUTION BHOPAL, support many makes and models of CCTV systems and products and use the very latest technology equipment’s which we provide to our clients.

At KYROS IT SOLUTION BHOPAL  we provide a high quality cost effective solutions for all of your CCTV surveillance requirements, from small retail stores through to larger commercial, industrial and educational organizations.

CCTV is widely used in both crime prevention and detection. The applications of CCTV systems are increasingly incorporated into commercial security systems, staff surveillance, anti-theft surveillance and access control surveillance.

CCTV is the ultimate deterrent against theft and crime and CCTV is both highly visible and effective.

We support many makes and models of CCTV systems and products and use the very latest in digital equipment which enables crisp clear images.

If you are looking to upgrade an existing system, or to install a complete new system then you’re in the right place. Due to our extensive product knowledge within the industry we can supply and install a wide variety of C.C.T.V products that can accommodate your budget.

Well considered design is the most significant component in achieving optimal effectiveness. The design process must consider all elements external and internally of the system, as well as involve full consultation with the client in regards to their specific requirements.

Some factors to consider when selecting a CCTV system:

  • Area in which it has to be installed
  • Visibility of the area
  • Position is to be covered
  • Camera height
  • Camera Technology
  • CCTV Recording Capacity

CCTV Security Services Bhopal

CCTV Security Services.

We deals in CCTV Security systems. We provide CCTV Security systems including installation and maintenance services. Our experienced technical team design best security solution for your location and provide the best installation services.

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