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A Study on Brand Image of Best CCTV Security Solutions

Project Description

In today’s market there are many CCTV  solution provider companies, which are not up to, the expectations in terms of quality . At present every CCTV Security provider company will focus on increasing the accuracy and reliability of their products, but no one will concentrate on customer satisfaction. There are few companies, which are leading the market with their brand image. Hikvision is one of the leading CCTV Camera and other security Solution provider companies in private sector with brand image of Hikvision. The customer develops a set of brand belief about where each brand stands on each attributes or factors. A set of belief about a brand makes up the brand image. The customer brand image will vary with further experience has filtered by the effects of selective perception, selective distortion and selective retention. [From various products of Hikvision i.e. CCTV, Alarm, Hybrid Video Recorder, Access Control, Video Intercom and many more, web trade, the consumer can make up the brand image of Hikvision based on the services provided by the above said sections.

  • Date: June 10, 2017
  • Client: St. Josephs International School of Excellence
  • Category: CCTV Security