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Smart Class system is a key solution which is intended to support faculties and teaching assistants to overcome with their daily classroom and lab challenges and also improving student’s academic interest and performance with easy, practical and significant use of technology. Smart Class helps faculties to make sure that every student in the class is getting knowledge, by providing the wide range of learning patterns in the classroom and in lab sessions.

  • ApproachIt is designed to accommodate the individual needs of each student in any grade and at any level of understanding.
  • Benefits to StudentsIt Improves Learning Skills, Clear and Easy Understanding of Content, Active Engagement in Student Knowledge and Collaborative Learning.
  • Benefits to TeachersEngaging and Motivating Students, Effective Presentation of Content' Ease of Use' Ability to Customize.

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Smart Class makes the problems easy for teacher, abstract curriculum concepts which are difficult to understand and imagine for students or relate by the use of 3-D (three dimensional), interactive multi-media approach. Smart class has many benefits like:

  1. Faculty/instructor spends more time in teaching rather than time consuming in getting started.
  2. Can share all the forms, tests, quizzes and assignments to students in just a click.
  3. System can collect files automatically after students are finished.
  4. Last Class View & Planner, Class Regulation& Monitoring, Assessment of the work, Share Student Screen and Sharing Faculty/Instructor Screen.